Which film SHOULD win the Oscar for Best Picture of 2017?

Call Me by Your Name

Darkest Hour


Get Out

Lady Bird

Phantom Thread

The Post

The Shape of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Robert Downey Jr.'s Box Office Stats

Robert Downey Jr. image
Movies Over $100M:10
Total Number of Movies:64
Total Gross of Movies (starring): $3,916,462,839
Total Number of Movies (starring): 54
Avg Gross of each movie (starring): $76,793,389
Total Gross of All Movies: $4,012,509,226
Avg. Gross of each Movie: $70,394,899
Avg Gross of Movies in the 90s: $17,970,350
Avg Gross of Movies in the 00s: $49,724,582
Avg Gross of Movies in the 10s: $286,414,024
Avg. Gross of the Last 10 movies: $278,675,490
MovieYearDomestic B.O.Buy DVDPoster
1Captain America: Civil War 2016$408,084,349
2Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015$459,005, 2014$31,424,004
4The Judge 2014$47,119,388
5Iron Man 3 2013$408,992,
6Marvel's The 2012$623,279,547
7Sherlock Holmes: A Game of 2011$186,848,418
8Iron Man 2010$312,433,
9Due 2010$100,539,
10The 2009$31,720,158
11Sherlock 2009$209,028,679
12Charlie Bartlett$3,950,294
13Iron 2008$318,313,
14Tropic 2008$110,461,307 2007$33,080,
16Lucky 2007$5,
17The Shaggy 2006$61,123,569
18A Scanner 2006$5," width="24" height="16" alt="" border="0">
19Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus2006$223,
20A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints2006$516,
21Game 62005$129,
22Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang2005$4,235,
23Good Night, and Good 2005$31,501, amazon.comallposters.com24Eros2004$188,
25The Singing Detective2003$336, 2003$59,588,
27Wonder Boys2000$19,389,
28In Dreams1999$12,017,
29Friends & Lovers1999$100,
30Bowfinger 1999$66,458,769
31Black and White1999$5,241,315
32The Gingerbread Man1998$1,626,593
33U.S. Marshals1998$57,833,603
34Danger Zone1997N/A
35One Night Stand1997$2,642,718
36Two Girls and a Guy1997$2,057,193
37Hugo Pool1997$3,620
38Richard III1995$2,684,904
39Home for the Holidays1995$17,468,887
41Hail Caesar1994N/A
42Natural Born Killers1994$50,282,766
43Only You1994$20,042,048
44Heart and Souls1993$16,479,685
45Short Cuts1993$6,110,979
47Too Much Sun1991N/A
49Air America1990$30,506,847
50That's Adequate1989N/A
51True Believer1989$8,742,000
52Chances Are1989$15,939,663
53Johnny Be Good1988$17,500,399
54Rented Lips1988N/A
56The Pick-up Artist1987$13,290,368
57Less Than Zero1987$12,396,383
58Back to School1986$91,258,000
60Tuff Turf1985$9,369,329
61Weird Science1985$16,316,258
63Baby It's You1983$1,312,473

Robert Downey Jr.'s Total Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

in Million USD
'70 '71 '72 '73'74'75'76'77'78'79'80'81'82'83'84'85'86'87'88'89'90'91'92'93'94'95'96'97'98'99'00'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11'12'13'14'15'16

Robert Downey Jr.'s Cumulative Domestic
Box Office Gross by Year

in Million USD

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